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impropriety / неуместность, неприличие, некорректность
имя существительное
irrelevance, impropriety, incongruity, ineptitude, impertinence, inaptitude
impropriety, indecency, immodesty
impropriety, indecorum
имя существительное
a failure to observe standards or show due honesty or modesty; improper language, behavior, or character.
she was scandalized at the impropriety of the question
Although none of this indicates any form of impropriety , it does illustrate the scale of the market and why many international investors are wary of it.
It goes without saying that everyone involved in these cushy deals denies any impropriety .
There are no allegations of impropriety against any other individual.
Rumours of financial impropriety began swirling around the association in the fall of 2003.
she was scandalized at the impropriety of the question
The activist, whose daughter was a presiding officer for one polling station, has strenuously denied any impropriety .
Wouldn't the government have acted had it been another kind of corruption like financial impropriety or something?
But at no time whatsoever have I ever acted dishonestly or with conscious impropriety .
The High Court found no impropriety or illegality in her dismissal.
In this case there was no impropriety by the defendants in the conduct of the litigation.