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improbable / невероятный, неправдоподобный
имя прилагательное
incredible, improbable, fabulous, unbelievable, unlikely, unthinkable
improbable, unlikely, incredible, unthinkable, fabulous, steep
имя прилагательное
not likely to be true or to happen.
this account of events was seen by the jury as most improbable
I have a neat piece of software with the improbable name of Delicious Library.
What follows in the film is one improbable set-up after another, until it ends with the most ludicrous ending ever.
Going for gold in the ‘most improbable name for a PR bunny’ event is exotic Tiggy Tonks.
A mere year ago this outcome would have been considered wildly improbable .
The trainer of the Queen's pigeons, an East Anglian with the improbable name of Carlo Napolitano, was at Sun City.
The proposition is that everything is possible - no matter how improbable , if you devise the correct marketing strategy.
Before we knew it, we were celebrating one of the greatest and most improbable victories of all time.
My mind raced through one improbable scenario after the next.
And they can all wear entirely improbable costumes and still look good.
Such constant failure is puzzling, not to mention statistically improbable .