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imprison / сажать в тюрьму, заключать в тюрьму, лишать свободы
сажать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, lock up, put to prison, gaol, dungeon
заключать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, incarcerate, prison, cage, confine
лишать свободы
imprison, prison
put or keep in prison or a place like a prison.
he was imprisoned for six months for contempt of court
First, a decision to imprison the man for contempt of court should never be taken too quickly.
All of the detainees were imprisoned without charge, and the whereabouts of some of them are unknown.
He was cleared of kidnap and assault but served eight months in military prison after falsely imprisoning the woman.
A message informed me that a student leader of my movement had been imprisoned .
Because of his actions 46 people were imprisoned unjustly and lost their freedom for more than three years.
He has been kept imprisoned for six weeks with no evidence whatsoever of wrongdoing.
All sentences were to be concurrent, so his sentence was a total of five years' imprisonment .
He and his three co-defendants had been wrongly imprisoned for nine years.
Is the limitation on telephone contact with the media a part of the sentence of imprisonment itself?
Later, he was also falsely imprisoned for treason.