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imprimatur / санкция, одобрение, разрешение на печатание книги
имя существительное
sanction, authorization, assent, imprimatur, fiat, approbation
OK, approval, approbation, okay, acceptance, imprimatur
разрешение на печатание книги
имя существительное
an official license by the Roman Catholic Church to print an ecclesiastical or religious book.
That particular debate, so far as the Church was concerned, had been closed since at least 1741 when Benedict XIV bid the Holy Office grant an imprimatur to the first edition of the Complete Works of Galileo.
No religious entity gets the government's imprimatur to further its religious mission, under the proper understanding of the Establishment Clause.
The paper still bears the imprimatur of this considered effort in art direction, and I would have to say that in an age of speed reading, the notion that elegant typography actually slows you down is, I think, a good thing.
How many times in the past several months has the Kerry campaign implied that they have McCain's imprimatur on a key issue?
Yet even those newspapers that were not published directly by the government continued to seek its consent and imprimatur .
It's a sign of the times that the imprimatur of a business carries more authority than do the efforts of an individual arts professional.
For the first time in more than a century the ruling elite in the United States is about to place its official imprimatur on what it knows to be a stolen election.
Yeah, but the Comission has given its official imprimatur to this, so they're at least somewhat complicit.
It's given a kind of official imprimatur , because they build their kids up to be cheerleaders or jocks and they're openly disappointed if they don't make it.
The funny thing is, Goldberg's endorsement may not be the imprimatur it may have seemed.
All of the agreements to give back job security provisions and workplace safeguards won over previous decades bear the imprimatur of the unions and their factory representatives.