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impressionistic / импрессионистский
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
based on subjective reactions presented unsystematically.
a personal and impressionistic view of the war
in the style of impressionism.
an impressionistic portrait
The results are obviously going to be impressionistic at best, but I think it's better than nothing.
The former is subjective and impressionistic ; the latter can be itemised, weighed, measured, or examined down the microscope.
Washington runs on statistics, but most Americans operate based on more impressionistic judgments.
These conclusions were reached by applying an impressionistic methodology involving generalising from a few cases.
These are haunting, almost surrealistic, impressionistic versions of what Christmas Eve can be.
Quantitative researchers sometimes criticize qualitative research as being too impressionistic and subjective.
The how-to-write segments are eclectic, impressionistic rather than thorough, and in general lack the animation of the rest of the book.
Now the law is becoming vague and impressionistic .
This is a lot to do in 226 pages, so Cooper's arguments and examples are sometimes impressionistic , as he freely admits.
Whereas her elder brother has a knack for narrative storytelling, Stacey takes a more impressionistic approach.