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impress / отпечаток, впечатление, оттиск
имя существительное
imprint, print, mark, stamp, impression, impress
impression, impress, effect, feeling, showing
impression, print, stamp, impress, overprint, squeeze
printing, print, seal, stamp, press, impress
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, impress
impress, make an impression, impose
производить впечатление
impress, make an impression, appear, produce an impression, strike, put over
hit, smite, amaze, affect, strike, impress
inspire, instill, suggest, instil, impress, inculcate
impress, make an impression
имя существительное
an act of making an impression or mark.
bluish marks made by the impress of his fingers
make (someone) feel admiration and respect.
they immediately impressed the judges
make a mark or design on (an object) using a stamp or seal; imprint.
she impressed the damp clay with her seal
fix an idea in (someone's mind).
nobody impressed on me the need to save
apply (an electric current or potential) from an external source.
At this point the capacitor is fully charged and it carries the full impressed voltage.
force (someone) to serve in an army or navy.
a number of Poles, impressed into the German army
his desire to put his own impress on the films he made
Andean cultures used seals to impress designs on pottery
In contrast, entrances to palaces and places of worship are usually large and designed to impress visitors with the power of the owner or the importance of a religion.
Later, eager to impress Mark in the pub, she foregoes her normal vodka-and-coke and nonchalantly orders a glass of wine.
The cultural life of Kashmir has had the impress of great mystics.
It was a move designed to impress every eye watching.
bluish marks made by the impress of his fingers
Although mainstream church attendance is in decline, Scotland bears the impress of its Protestant history.
Brass and, to some extent, bronze finishing tools have been used for centuries by bookbinders to impress designs and lines onto leather bindings.
Also, the creepiest images - the ones that linger like the impress of clammy fingers on the back of your neck - are in the first volume.