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impregnate / пропитывать, оплодотворять, насыщать
impregnate, soak, permeate, saturate, penetrate, pervade
fertilize, impregnate, inseminate, fructify, fecundate
saturate, sate, satiate, fill, imbue, impregnate
имя прилагательное
fertilized, impregnated, inseminated, impregnate
impregnated, saturated, impregnate, sodden
pregnant, expectant, gravid, parturient, preggers, impregnate
make (a woman or female animal) pregnant.
At 15 she qualified to live by herself under state care, and it was while she was living in a Surrey duplex that she was impregnated .
soak or saturate (something) with a substance.
wood that had been impregnated with preservative
The main problem now for the scientists is how best to impregnate the rock with the chemicals meant to prevent the widening of large cracks that are forming rapidly.
There are thousands of millions of sperms that never impregnate eggs.
His wife, determined to have a child at any cost, demands that he impregnate her - even though it will bring about seroconversion and risk the creation of an HIV-infected offspring.
Scorning marriage, she drafted a body builder to impregnate her before casting him aside as irrelevant to her new role as liberated mother-artiste.
Toronto Zoo gave their chameleon to Sofia Zoo as a sign of gratitude for the female hippopotamus sent to impregnate a Toronto Zoo hippopotamus last year.
Very few bulls remain to impregnate cows, making inbreeding a pressing concern.
This partner would impregnate her and, thus, contribute his genetic material to the next generation.
So he spent the next seven years inventing a system of chemically impregnated paper strips that when rubbed together made a cracking noise.
The roof leaks, the walls are impregnated with damp and the buttresses are crumbling.
She develops over the winter inside a female flower, and is impregnated by the male in the spring.