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imprecise / неточный, неопределенный
имя прилагательное
inaccurate, imprecise, inexact, incorrect, loose, unfaithful
uncertain, vague, indefinite, ambiguous, indeterminate, imprecise
имя прилагательное
lacking exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
the witness could give only vague and imprecise descriptions
The administration of justice is a very, very imprecise science.
All I did was illustrate how absurd and imprecise your label was with another absurd and imprecise label.
Traditionally determinism has been given various, usually imprecise definitions.
A stimulant is a rather imprecise term used for a variety of different kinds of drug, some with medical uses and others with only recreational use.
The diagnosis of PND is becoming increasingly imprecise , with no agreed and universally accepted symptoms.
I try to persuade them that holistic medicine need not be, indeed must not be, woolly and imprecise .
His notes and recollection were at times unclear, imprecise or entirely lacking.
In a very loose and imprecise sense that may be accurate but it is not accurate for the purpose of proper analysis.
Age can be determined, but it is imprecise and the final decision could well be up to individual inspectors.
He made the very good point that the draft bill is imprecise .