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imprecation / проклятие
имя существительное
curse, damn, damnation, goddamn, bane, imprecation
имя существительное
a spoken curse.
she hurled her imprecations at anyone who might be listening
Howell was muttering threats and imprecations .
Croft galloped past the cart, the farmer's imprecations following him down the road.
Early on, many Christian interpreters resorted to non-literal and allegorical readings of the Old Testament, especially of such difficult passages as the imprecatory psalms.
The prisoners shouted imprecations against the government, proclaimed their innocence, and in some cases waved crutches and prosthetic limbs to show that they were not the dangerous guerrilla fighters they are alleged to be.
It may reflect a limitation to Nehemiah's great strengths or it may reflect zeal for the glory of God, as similarly reflected in the imprecatory psalms and prayers in the Old and New Testaments.
The discussion of imprecatory psalms raises many skeptical questions.
Screaming imprecations and struggling wildly, she had to be held down by several guards while I cut the splint off her arm.
He is, at this moment, hunched over his unstolen cellphone in tears, begging, pleading, mumbling imprecations for me to call him and relieve his torment.