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impracticable / невыполнимый, неосуществимый, нежизненный
имя прилагательное
impossible, impracticable
unrealizable, impracticable, irrealizable, visionary, Laputan, pie-eyed
impracticable, abiotic, unpractical
имя прилагательное
(of a course of action) impossible in practice to do or carry out.
it was impracticable to widen the road here
Quite simply, this is impracticable in real life.
Jefferson recognized that ‘an equal division of property is impracticable .’
In addition, the passage of 16 years from the date of the events in question meant that it was wholly impracticable - indeed impossible - to mount an adequate defence.
It must also be remembered that restitution of the environment may often be impossible, impracticable , or not economically justifiable.
Express authorization or, if that is impossible or impracticable , variation of the banking contract, seems to be the best avenue open to the bank.
However this option was impracticable because she did not have the time to do just that, so she gave up completely and resorted to speaking only English when she was in Hong Kong.
The fact that his ideas were totally impracticable was irrelevant.
But they also want to leave the door open for the assessment of other potential sites if redevelopment proves impracticable .
It has been rejected in the past as impracticable .
Since our resources are limited, it's impossible and impracticable for us to distribute a large sum of money here and there without seeing obvious results.