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impound / конфисковать, загонять скот, запирать
confiscate, seize, impound, sequester, sequestrate, condemn
загонять скот
impound, pen
lock, shut, lock up, pawl, latch, impound
seize and take legal custody of (something, especially a vehicle, goods, or documents) because of an infringement of a law or regulation.
vehicles parked where they cause an obstruction will be impounded
shut up (domestic animals) in a pound or enclosure.
Figures from the latest report by Waterford County Council revealed that of 681 dogs impounded by the Pound last year, just eight were re-claimed and 21 re-homed.
If Yellowstone's waters had been dammed, two iconic national parks would have succumbed to resource development, and it would have been far easier to impound water in all national parks.
it will impound a reservoir 130 miles long
At a cost of £26 million, the marina project will initially require significant civil engineering work to create the development land and impound water within the marina.
TLDP III alone will impound water in a reservoir and submerge 156.49 hectares.
This topography limits Iraq's ability to impound the waters of the Euphrates behind high dams; consequently, they empty into the Gulf without being put to use.
Dams could both drop water and impound it, and multipurpose dams after World War II seemed self justifying.
Territorial authorities will have the power to impound dogs charged for dangerous offences, while their owners await prosecution proceedings.
Under the law, police can impound the cars and the court can permanently confiscate a vehicle if it is used to commit a second offence.
When the Three Gorges Dam begins to impound the waters of the Yangtze River in south central China later this year, dozens of the mountains and other elevated areas upstream will become islands.
Birds love water, and wildlife authorities are planning to create a few more ponds inside the Guindy National Park to impound rainwater more effectively.