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impostor / самозванец, обманщик, мошенник
имя существительное
impostor, pretender, impersonator, intruder
deceiver, fraud, trickster, impostor, cheat, bluffer
rogue, swindler, fraud, rascal, impostor, knave
имя существительное
a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.
The budding scientists of today will need to prepare themselves to do battle with silliness, impostors , tricksters and fraudsters.
On his part, he had no doubts that the claimant was an impostor and his supporters fools and rogues.
These rapacious relations managed to poison her ears, arguing the new man was an impostor out to swindle her and them.
He turned detective, tracked down the impostor and called the police.
the charity has warned anyone approached by the impostor to contact police immediately
It is, then, not only the impostor 's willingness to deceive on which their success depends, but the fact that we are on the whole astonishingly trusting and generally do not expect to be lied to.
Almost from the moment he died, and it was revealed that he was not an Apache halfbreed but an Englishman, Grey Owl has been depicted largely as a fake or fraud, an impostor .
Two envelopes, A and B. Something to be signed and witnessed, just to prove I'm not an impostor; but would an impostor go to all this trouble?
Everyone thought I knew what I was doing, but I felt like a fraud, an impostor , the Great Pretender!
Original, well thought-out ideas will be rewarded and impostors won't last.
Purple Hearts are only given to American soldiers killed or injured in battle, and there have recently been cases of impostors using fake military medals to get ahead in business.