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impossibly / невозможно
used to describe an event or action that is so difficult or unlikely one would not expect it to be possible.
he held her and, impossibly, she fell asleep
Humbled by the magnificence of the falls, Lewis felt his written description impossibly inadequate.
he held her and, impossibly, she fell asleep
and immediately started to sprint as fast as possible in her impossibly long dress.
impossibly high standards
This was because in most cases it was impossibly difficult to carry out the whole process - from interception to the delivery of a signal to the officer who could use it - before the land battle had moved on.
In some cases the correctness of a judgment of taste may be impossibly difficult to decide. We may even think that there is no right answer to be had if we are asked to compare two very different things.
her impossibly blonde hair
A blanket ban on western reporters makes the getting of hard information almost impossibly difficult.
Make your financial passwords completely personal to you - and make them impossibly difficult for anyone else to guess!
I think there were very high expectations for this movie, perhaps impossibly high.