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importune / докучать, приставать, настойчиво домогаться
bother, pester, annoy, importune, interfere, bug
molest, adhere, accost, worry, tease, importune
настойчиво домогаться
имя прилагательное
intrusive, importunate, officious, obtrusive, tiresome, importune
persistent, insistent, urgent, emphatic, aggressive, importune
ask (someone) pressingly and persistently for or to do something.
if he were alive now, I should importune him with my questions
Contrast that with the way that Columbus, living in a Europe of competing nations, could importune king after king until he hit on someone to back his voyage over the ocean.
But I didn't importune or invite other people to do it.
Russian and Chinese officials likely have found it easier to interact with each other than with their Western interlocutors, who constantly importune them to improve their human rights and other domestic practices.
if he were alive now, I should importune him with my questions
As a journalist, I've been cajoled, flattered, and importuned (not to mention insulted, ignored, bored, and patronized) by politicians.
The Victorian crossing-sweeper was exactly analogous to the ubiquitous windscreen cleaner to be found importuning motorists at London and New York traffic-lights in the 1980s and 1990s.
There used to be a pretty clear split between political consultants, who helped politicians to get elected, and lobbyists, who importuned them on behalf of private clients.
Her manipulative, importuning presence violates their sense of entitlement, which at first the film seems not to question.
You are under arrest for importuning for immoral proposes.
The Buddha found himself in a vigorous, competitive world which importuned him on all sides with predatory demands for total intellectual allegiance and total acceptance of one way of life or another.