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importunate / назойливый, докучливый, настойчивый
имя прилагательное
intrusive, importunate, officious, obtrusive, tiresome, shrill
bothersome, pesky, importunate, trying, everlasting, pestiferous
persistent, insistent, urgent, emphatic, aggressive, importunate
имя прилагательное
persistent, especially to the point of annoyance or intrusion.
importunate creditors
So not only did the importunate young man squeeze a few extra minutes out of the eminent philosopher, he also caught, and recorded him, laughing at his guest's foolishness.
In his diary he describes how he ‘saw various forms of squalor, disease, and deformity-all manner of importunate beggary.’
As Oscar Wilde observed, the personal memoir, even if written for friends and family alone or to satisfy an importunate publisher, is always delightfully self-obsessed.
What Burke argued passionately against, by contrast, was the French Revolution and Jacobin thinking, which he saw as expressing an unhistorical, tyrannical spirit and an importunate desire for power.
The staff are solicitous rather than importunate .
Tell me everything,’ she requested in an importunate manner.
I aroused my companions daily at six o'clock in the morning, they murmured gently at my importunate zeal; but they arose nevertheless.
Mediæval kings may have been surrounded by importunate projectors and alchemists, but they mostly kept them at arm's length.
They compounded verbal injury by laying importunate hands on women of our group.
He goes off to play a chieftain in a school production of South Pacific and returns to his office, in costume, to talk to an importunate but delightful female student with whom he chats, dances, flirts, and drums.