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important / важный, значительный, существенный
имя прилагательное
important, great, significant, big, momentous, substantial
significant, great, considerable, large, substantial, important
significant, essential, vital, substantial, important, material
имя прилагательное
of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.
important habitats for wildlife
Luke is the oldest and the least important employee of a dismal company that imports cloth.
These things are obviously important to us all and we turn our back on the consequences at our peril.
my family are more important to me than anything else
It's hard to know where to start explaining how important and useful this book is.
For my family are the most important people in my life. They are what I live and work for.
He was hosting a dinner at his home in Garon for several important figures in Azareal.
Each anecdote seems designed to remind us we are in the presence of a clever and important man.
They also offer trips for the business man who wants to impress an important client.
Since then, he has fought his way back into credit and is now an important member of staff.
From an early stage he was seen to be an important figure in the creation of a truly New Zealand poetry.