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import / импортировать, ввозить, вносить
import, bring in
import, bring in, run
introduce, enter, bring in, import, move, carry in
имя существительное
import, importation
import, importation, coming-in
meaning, sense, point, significance, value, import
имя прилагательное
import, imported
имя существительное
a commodity, article, or service brought in from abroad for sale.
It could then export the surplus of this commodity in exchange for imports produced by other countries with respective comparative cost advantages.
the meaning or significance of something, especially when not directly stated.
the import of her message is clear
bring (goods or services) into a country from abroad for sale.
Japan's reluctance to import more cars
indicate or signify.
having thus seen, what is imported in a Man's trusting his Heart
I got my copy of David Bowie's BBC Sessions, but Peter Gabriel's OVO album appears to only be available as an import .
Exports of primary commodities and the import of finished products are not favourable for any country.
the import of her message is clear
He was there to pull a trigger; the consequences were of no import .
It is then only a small step to the mistaken notion that imports should be discouraged, perhaps through import controls.
the import of live cattle from Canada
She said: ‘It is ridiculous that they have been allowing the import of birds as pets in recent weeks without even placing them in quarantine.’
I hope the answers to these questions can at least provide a basic understanding of the import of the message.
A typical racer is a male aged 17-24 and most likely driving an import .
They provide a timely reminder - for the writer as well as his readers - of the import and significance of such moments.