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impolitic / неполитичный, неразумный, бестактный
имя прилагательное
irrational, unwise, silly, subhuman, inadvisable, impolitic
tactless, tasteless, maladroit, indelicate, clumsy, impolitic
имя прилагательное
failing to possess or display prudence; unwise.
it was impolitic to pay the slightest tribute to the enemy
The secretary of defense had evidently concluded that to agree to the reinforcements would be impolitic .
Of course it might be impolitic to antagonize these groups.
His impolitic bluntness ultimately got the best of him.
He got himself into trouble with some impolitic statements early in the campaign, but got his act together in time, it seems.
In fact it sometimes seemed as if the hosts feared that an impolitic remark might trigger World War III.
Either it was impolitic to make this question his defining issue, or he did not feel confident of his own facility in making the argument.
He says what he thinks and does what he thinks will work; his plain and sometimes impolitic speaking does him good with voters.
Then he did something audacious, if not outright impolitic .
Maybe your were wrong on the facts or maybe what you said was impolitic , but you got a word of correction from a spouse, or boss, or friend.
He said what he thought, but now he's withdrawing it, because it was impolitic .