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implode / взрываться, взрывать
explode, blow up, burst, detonate, implode, fulminate
explode, blow, blow up, blast, burst, implode
collapse or cause to collapse violently inward.
the windows on both sides of the room had imploded
utter or pronounce (a consonant) with a sharp intake of air.
these forces would implode the pellet to a density 100 times higher than that of lead
But very early on Monday morning, windows began to implode .
They come down to flat ground and just implode , or smash into a tree.
When stars have exhausted their nuclear fuel resources they implode at the centre, and expel their outer layers into space.
The controversy concerned the nature of black holes, those enigmatic objects created when a massive star runs out of fuel and implodes under its own immense weight.
This 110-storey monument to everything proud and American imploded , collapsing in on itself in a rising mountain of dust.
Even though all the buildings had exactly the same design, blasters handled the implosions differently for each phase.
The plasma flying out from the ablation layer implodes the fuel, compressing its density about a thousand times and causing it to burn.
The panoramic window imploded , sending shards of glass flying in all directions.
In some cases, a gas dose, which normally caused blindness and imploding lungs, temporarily destroyed the cancer.