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implicit / неявный, скрытый, подразумеваемый
имя прилагательное
implicit, unmanifest
hidden, latent, covert, occult, ulterior, implicit
implied, implicit, tacit, constructive
имя прилагательное
implied though not plainly expressed.
comments seen as implicit criticism of the policies
with no qualification or question; absolute.
an implicit faith in God
(of a function) not expressed directly in terms of independent variables.
This paper contains his famous deep implicit function theorem.
The contradictions implicit in this argument are fairly obvious.
In my view, efficiency is implicit in the concept of sustainability, which is ingrained in the bill's purpose and elsewhere.
As subtle as implicit attitudes are, they can cause serious real-world damage.
The implicit message is always the same: it is your capitalist (imperialist, racist, whatever) society that is the true enemy of the people.
It seems to me that they were fundamentally asking why we need to have 100 pages of legislation that set out how a Crown entity must report when it has always been implicit that that agency must report anyway.
This characteristic was implicit in the women's concerns for meeting basic human needs for their families and their description of making use of the resources in their environment.
What assumptions are implicit in these sorts of relationships between subjects and objects (computers)?
It always maintains an implicit threat of violence.
There are other assumptions implicit in the language used to describe community capacity and social capital.
Discourses reflect viewpoints that are implicit in social movements and cultural and political institutions in our society, and change as ideas and values shift.