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implication / причастность, подтекст, смысл
имя существительное
implication, immixture
subtext, implication, undertone, overtone
meaning, sense, point, significance, value, implication
имя существительное
the conclusion that can be drawn from something, although it is not explicitly stated.
the implication is that no one person at the bank is responsible
the action or state of being involved in something.
our implication in the problems
The serious public health implication is that impaired crews may be unable to operate trains safely.
Most people would instinctively say no, and his implication in his article is that this crazy.
the implication of meat in heart disease
It is not a very healthy implication for a partnership, and no wonder things go wrong afterwards.
I apologize for any contrary implication , and I hereby make a complete retraction.
Yes, I am sorry, I did not want to make that implication .
the implication is that it's dated
Adding that 'it has been getting better as we've gone along' takes us beyond implication into an outright lie.
The statement and its rather odd implication were reported around the world.
But the water industry said the product's implication was that tap is impure, which was not the case.