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implantation / имплантация, внедрение, вживление
имя существительное
introduction, implantation, inculcation, intrusion, infiltration, intercalation
имя существительное
the action of implanting or state of being implanted.
Whether these alien chip implantations are part of another government project or are actually implanted by aliens is a whole discussion in itself.
If it is localized, there is a very high cure rate from either surgery or from radiation, external beam radiation or seed implantation .
Lens implantation has been around for several decades.
He needed a drainage shunt implantation to save his life.
In addition, localised radiotherapy at the time of stent implantation helps to reduce proliferation of smooth muscle.
If fertilization occurs, progesterone supports implantation of the ovum and maintains the pregnancy.
This clearly is not a normal laxity pattern and represents the limitations of graft implantation .
Living tissue deteriorates rapidly when it loses its blood supply, and organs need to be cooled and transported for implantation into the recipient within a limited number of hours.
Last month, they travelled to Texas to assist in the first-ever implantation of the pump device.
I was whisked to Englewood Community Hospital, and that same morning I underwent a permanent pacemaker implantation .
Bone implantation is part of the orthopaedic treatment for accident victims and for those suffering from bone loss due to tumour removal and skeletal deformity.