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impish / проказливый, шаловливый, злой
имя прилагательное
impish, elfin, larky, puckish, elfish, elvish
playful, naughty, frolicsome, impish, frolic, roguish
evil, wicked, ill, vicious, unkind, impish
имя прилагательное
inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun; mischievous.
he had an impish look about him
But every minute, an impish sprite takes one ball back out, always extracting the lowest-numbered ball in the bucket.
Lisa has a certain impishness to her character that explains the smirks quite sufficiently on its own.
Certainly there is something youthful in the image posterity holds of both composers: Mozart's impishness , Schubert's ardent drama.
The male was no longer tiny (kittens grow quickly) but he would still have the impishness and activity level of a kitten.
He was engaging, open, sensitive and impishly funny, if a six-foot-two-inch guy can be impishly funny.
Grinning impishly , she told interviewers she lived by a simple motto: ‘Money is like manure; it should be spread around.’
He had a delightful impishness which was to be a hallmark of his character throughout his life.
The tiny images that entered into the viewing rectangle of the spectacles were not only obscure, but they were also designed so as to move around impishly requiring me to trace their hesitant, unpredictable movements.
Affectionate and devoted to their owners, they exhibit a healthy dose of impishness , a penchant for instinctual problem solving, and a finely developed sense of humor.
Here's some important background information to think about: Whenever Charles makes a sign, he ( impishly ) inscribes a false statement on it, and whenever Maggie makes a sign, she inscribes a true statement on it… being the truthful woman she is!