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impious / нечестивый, непочтительный
имя прилагательное
unholy, impious, profane, nefarious, godless, unrighteous
irreverent, disrespectful, flippant, impious
имя прилагательное
not showing respect or reverence, especially for a god.
the emperor's impious attacks on the Church
And this infernal monster, Popery, is now rearing his impious head again in this long-favoured country, and will, I fear, soon repeat his diabolical cruelties upon the Church of God.
Either conception is to the Jew not only impious and blasphemous, but incomprehensible.
During the French Revolution, for example, blasphemy against the state and nation began to replace blasphemy against God as French society reinvented the meaning of impious speech for the cause of liberty.
The lares, penates and relics of our sacred ancestors have been spared the impious axe of Jacobin tyranny.
Does that mean, then, that she and her supporters are impious and immoral?
This aptly named impious herb is a useful image for his discussion of the impious disrespect of clerical hierarchy that he claims is concomitant with an improper relationship with God.
Money has shown men how to practise villainy, and taught them impiousness in every action!
And so death is meted out to all those who rebel against Nature impiously , because they know the things that are.
The impiousness of the fishwife's final ambition links her with Marlowe's Faustus as well as with Lady Macbeth.
And it is only insofar as such prophecies were ratified by catastrophes (as, indeed, was the case from Elijah to Jeremiah) that historical events acquired religious significance; i.e., that they clearly appeared as punishments inflicted by the Lord in return for the impiousness of Israel.