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impiety / непочтительность, неуважение, отсутствие благочестия
имя существительное
disrespect, irreverence, impiety, flippancy
contempt, disrespect, disregard, slight, impiety
отсутствие благочестия
имя существительное
lack of piety or reverence, especially for a god.
he blamed the fall of the city on the impiety of the people
Traditionally, of course, pluralism in religious matters was deemed a sign of impiety and indifference to God's truth.
he blamed the fall of the city on the impiety of the people
And for all of his profane honesty and candid impiety , this wicked preacher keeps me reading.
Shortly before the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War he was charged by the political opponents of Pericles with impiety , that is, with denying the gods recognized by the State.
We are disturbed both by the traditional impiety of corpse desecration and the modern idea of the overreaching scientist.
We are to renounce impiety and worldly passions.
There is no sort of impiety or wickedness which in this way has not come to be accounted virtuous and good.
Work itself, not to mention hard work, is now shunned as radically as the appearance of impiety was, once upon a time.
According to a garbled ancient tradition he was tried for embezzlement and/or impiety at Athens or Olympia (where his workshop has been excavated) and was executed or died in exile.
Less addicted to the study of cartography, the following generations comprehended that this dilated map was useless and, not without impiety , delivered it to the inclemencies of the sun and of the winters.