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impertinent / дерзкий, наглый, нахальный
имя прилагательное
daring, cocky, bold, audacious, insolent, impertinent
impudent, brazen, insolent, shameless, brash, impertinent
impudent, cheeky, sassy, brash, cocky, impertinent
имя существительное
smart aleck, insolent fellow, jackanapes, pig, swine, impertinent
имя прилагательное
not showing proper respect; rude.
an impertinent question
not pertinent to a particular matter; irrelevant.
talk of “rhetoric” and “strategy” is impertinent to this process
I suppose you think I'm rude and impertinent , barging in here and insisting I knew you.
I have been told by some of the publicists associated with the movie that I'm a little impertinent to be leading any chorus in that direction.
There's no choice but to speak ill of the dead and ask impertinent questions about the emperor's clothes.
She discouraged impertinent curiosity with frozen silence and there is an uneasy feeling, as one reads, that one is prying into her chosen privacy.
It seems a bit impertinent to ask if this relationship needs a license to endure.
The students believed that the goal of their required first-year course was to improve their writing, and for that reason my effort to pose writing as a subject of analysis was misguided at best and at worst impertinent and irrelevant.
In a less statist society, the very idea of a legal work week, except perhaps for minors and pregnant women, would probably be regarded as weird, presumptuous and actually impertinent .
All of us, that is, have a child-reader within asking shrewd and impertinent questions.
They can ask us the most impertinent or rude questions but, obviously, we cannot ask, hint at or even think about anything approaching the same.
And this step is an impertinent intrusion in peoples' personal lives.