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impersonate / выдавать себя, олицетворять, исполнять роль
выдавать себя
represent, personalize, personify, embody, impersonate, incarnate
исполнять роль
act, impersonate, perform
pretend to be (another person) as entertainment or in order to deceive someone.
it's a very serious offense to impersonate a police officer
it's a very serious offence to impersonate a police officer
However hard he tried to impersonate someone who is happy with his lot in life, disillusionment and disappointment punctuated his every sentence.
A great mimic of voice and gesture, he could impersonate anyone: rich, poor, male, female, elder, youth.
If anyone uses similar handles or tries to impersonate someone in a similar vain I will be forced to take similar action.
it's a very serious offense to impersonate a police officer
He claimed the KGB got revenge by sending one of their spies to Scotland to impersonate him, copying his style of dress, with orders to behave disgracefully to get him into trouble.
If someone was to impersonate him, what does he think they would latch on to?
Nor was I amused that someone out there was impersonating me.
In other words, someone impersonates you for whatever reason - usually to obtain goods and services in your name.
The fact that somebody is impersonating you is shocking.