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impermanent / непостоянный, временный, непродолжительный
имя прилагательное
unstable, impermanent, fickle, changeable, inconstant, non-permanent
temporary, temporal, interim, provisional, transient, impermanent
small, impermanent
имя прилагательное
not permanent.
Matthias said beauty - being ephemeral, evanescent and impermanent - reminds us of death.
The new government is cautiously pronounced capable; the return of tourists this summer has suggested this lull may be less impermanent than others.
The moment when the big and small, the impermanent and the permanent, the accepted and the ‘scammy’ meet.
Organic and impermanent , the piece is at the mercy of its visitors: as they add to it, the work becomes a mishmash of influences, desires and visions, all of which can and will be amalgamated.
As a result, their masks are impermanent in many cases.
Wisdom sees the impermanent , ephemeral nature of experience and the basic unreliability of these changing phenomena.
Even the permanent collection appears impermanent .
But misfortune had not finished with him: collectors dismissed the collages as fragile, impermanent ; the exhibitions failed.
That is the fact that life is evanescent, impermanent .
We suffer because we imagine what is not self to be self, what is impermanent to be permanent, and what, from an ultimate viewpoint, is pain to be pleasure.
The notion that life is transient, that the material is impermanent , is common to many religious and philosophical systems.