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imperious / властный, повелительный, могущественный
имя прилагательное
domineering, imperious, overbearing, authoritative, masterful, autocratic
imperative, imperious, peremptory, authoritative, jussive, dictatorial
powerful, mighty, potent, puissant, imperious, prepotent
имя прилагательное
assuming power or authority without justification; arrogant and domineering.
his imperious demands
Although the news did not force its way on to the Evening Press front page, the imperious prose inside captured the significance of the moment.
I wasn't a distant or imperious art director - I was right in there with them all the time.
His imperious bulk, even his accent, counted against him and when he was found to have fiddled the books he appeared to be beyond redemption.
It's safe to say her imperious streak has been running on high here lately.
It's true that she had a pretty imperious manner, but Granny never believed that one human being could be set above another by an accident of birth.
From a trompe l'oeil window on one side of the Palazzotto, a frescoed woman looks down, faintly mocking, faintly imperious .
As a result he, too, was back to something like his imperious best.
They exude a true gothic sense of imperious detachment.
Its ceremonial gateway towers over the city below, grand and imperious .
Their humble attire did little to detract from the air of imperious authority they exuded, however.