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imperil / подвергать опасности
подвергать опасности
endanger, jeopardize, imperil, compromise, jeopardy, expose
put at risk of being harmed, injured, or destroyed.
white-band disease imperils coral reefs
Consequently, the development of a fully operational quantum computer would imperil our personal privacy, destroy electronic commerce and demolish the concept of national security.
Either one of these outcomes would imperil democracy; together they not only injure the country but also cut off the avenues of repair.
The dangers posed to them by superstores and online sellers don't just threaten some quaint form of distributing goods, they imperil the fabric of neighborhoods and towns.
Allowing workers to divert some of this money into the stock market will not only put their retirement future at risk, it will imperil the federal government's ability to keep its commitment to current retirees.
He warned a return to large and extended deficit spending by the Government could risk driving interest rates higher and imperil economic fundamentals.
But the greatest threat to our national security - and that of the next generation - is the insecurity that imperils the lives and well-being of millions of our children.
When landscape is destroyed, culture is imperiled .
It loses votes, chews up a tonne of money, confers no apparent economic benefits and imperils the ‘clean green’ image upon which our exporters rely and our citizenry prides itself.
Sure, it imperils our GPAs, and we will have to spend a lot of time pestering professors to ensure that our grades do not take a downward turn from such an annoying and useless course.
Terrain elements cannot be always seen as an imperilment in combat action (this results from lack of knowledge of both terrain itself and its characteristics) nor can it be ignored even in the course of command and staff games.