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imperialism / империализм, имперская политика, имперская система
имя существительное
имперская политика
имперская система
имя существительное
a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.
the struggle against imperialism
But at every key moment the party leadership has supported imperialism and war.
French ministers protested at US cultural imperialism
The government's abuse of civil rights at home goes hand in hand with its brutal imperialism abroad.
Western imperialism is much more thorough than that.
They had to fight against the corporate parasites up top and imperialism abroad to retain the value they produced.
the struggle against imperialism
the struggle against imperialism
They have opted instead for the oldest trick of imperialism - divide and rule.
in Russia, imperialism had developed alongside a semi-feudal agrarian structure
Many in the global south regard tourism as a new form of colonialism and cultural imperialism .