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imperfect / несовершенный, неполный, дефектный
имя прилагательное
imperfect, deficient, imperfective, incomplete, defective, faulty
incomplete, partial, imperfect, half, short, deficient
defective, imperfect, vicious, unsound, incomplete, off-color
defective, inadequate, imperfect, wastrel
с изъяном
имя существительное
прошедшее несовершенное время
имя прилагательное
not perfect; faulty or incomplete.
an imperfect grasp of English
(of a tense) denoting a past action in progress but not completed at the time in question.
Gee, was that an imperfect tense or an indicative?
(of a cadence) ending on the dominant chord.
But an imperfect cadence leaves the listener expecting resolution, which duly comes.
(of a gift, title, etc.) transferred without all the necessary conditions or requirements being met.
The claimant's evidence was that the purported but imperfect gift had been made a long time previously and not (as the letter said) after receipt of Mr Blake's letter.
имя существительное
the imperfect tense.
It makes no sense in a machine world to limit the functionality of perfect components so that imperfect components don't wear out or break - certainly not if you can replace them.
He or she can resort to autobiographies and biographies - some positive, others negative, and all imperfect in one way or another.
The difficulty comes from the fact that the imperfect here does not coherently offer a continuously unfolding present that would culminate in the receiving of the letter.
It may be of imperfect obligation, imperfect in the sense that it does not withdraw jurisdiction.
It's imperfect in the way that all low-budget features are.
I'm not asking that you be able to name the preterit, imperfect , and subjunctive forms of the verb ‘to be.’
It's tough trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.
And thus, it had been the perfect end to the imperfect day.
Because we are human and imperfect , forgiveness can be very difficult for us.
But an imperfect cadence leaves the listener expecting resolution, which duly comes.