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imperative / императив, повелительное наклонение
имя существительное
повелительное наклонение
imperative, imperative mood
имя прилагательное
imperative, peremptory, imperatival
imperative, imperious, peremptory, authoritative, jussive, dictatorial
urgent, imperative, insistent, pressing, instant, clamorous
имя прилагательное
of vital importance; crucial.
immediate action was imperative
giving an authoritative command; peremptory.
the bell pealed again, a final imperative call
имя существительное
an essential or urgent thing.
free movement of labor was an economic imperative
a verb or phrase in the imperative mood.
Noteworthy in this meditation is the use of imperatives and action verbs, which are meant to activate the believer.
But that only makes the task of doing so all the more imperative .
What's needed in this political setting, say forum participants, is a moral imperative that trumps sheer economic concerns.
Their relation sometimes shows that the imperative is no longer the consequence of the indicative, but an inseparable part of the kerygmatic indicative.
The drama of history and biography is sacrificed to the imperative of ‘covering’ everything in a single volume.
The authors concluded that it was imperative that current road safety programmes, including random breath testing, be fully implemented.
As you can see, we haven't got very far in meeting our moral obligations under this imperative .
The imperative now is to draw up a treaty to prevent such disasters ever happening again.
I'm not sure of the imperative , but by gosh, we're posting, posting, posting like we're determined to reach that destination.
However, here everyday lines and notational devices are freed from the imperative to represent directly.
The second, related, threat is the imperative of poverty.