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impenetrable / непроницаемый, непроходимый, непроглядный
имя прилагательное
impenetrable, impermeable, impervious, tight, inscrutable, proof
impassable, impenetrable, impervious, pathless, impracticable, impermeable
impenetrable, Cimmerian, pitch-dark
имя прилагательное
impossible to pass through or enter.
a dark, impenetrable forest
impossible to understand.
impenetrable interviews with French intellectuals
Truth be told, our music is a smoky, impenetrable fortress.
Indeed, paddling up the creek is the best way to get into the dense surrounding forest, which is otherwise nearly impenetrable .
The wording of the document is really very easy to understand; it is not written in the usual impenetrable verbiage of the Treaties.
I found some of the interviews in this book fascinating, others I found impenetrable ; but my general feeling was that book didn't deliver.
Ask a financial market dealer or analyst, and a spray of impenetrable jargon appears.
But for most parents the school classroom is a place as mysterious and impenetrable as their teenager's bedroom.
They forget, if they ever knew, that Shakespeare can seem impenetrable .
The spiky reed makes areas impenetrable , both for hunting and for cattle grazing.
Unfortunately, anything that involves more than a simple sense is more complicated and the barriers are often impenetrable .
One million men and 1,500 tanks crossed the seemingly impenetrable forests in the Ardennes.