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impedimenta / войсковое имущество
имя существительное
войсковое имущество
impedimenta, impediments
имя существительное
equipment for an activity or expedition, especially when considered as bulky or an encumbrance.
Fortunately the day was overcast, so we didn't have a scorching sun in which to carry around tiny twins and all their essential equipment, apparatuses, impedimenta , equipage and whatnot.
So having wandered round the battlefield inspecting the impedimenta of the combatants, we come at last to the question from which it all started.
One must begin to question all of the bureaucratic impedimenta that a government-run space exploration program must carry with it when it tries to venture off the surface of the Earth.
A few hours later, he had labored his way into the depths of the wilderness of miscellaneous impedimenta and found himself facing a cloudy window.
Triumphs are claimed, disasters are someone else's concerns, and if there's trouble, there are union rules or some of the other impedimenta to the full implementation of ideas such as disclosure, transparency and responsibility.
‘I want to prepare for my big raid,’ he explained on October 19 to a colonel in charge of supply, and with that Sherman arranged to send his impedimenta to the rear.
Anyway, we went for a curry and it was good to see him again, although I would have preferred it if your mother hadn't come; and I think he might have preferred that too, having managed to evade his own impedimenta for the evening.
They filled two trolleys with crockery, kettles, pots and pans and all the other impedimenta needed to kit out a new home.
And even then, this detail is often lost, an accent overwhelmed by the loud plastic awnings, hawkers' kerb-spreads and squatters' impedimenta that define the metropolitan street.
It's an unavoidably communal experience; no matter how pointedly you pile shopping bags and assorted impedimenta on the seat beside you, sooner or later someone's going to insist on initiating a conversation.
Somehow or another all concerned manage to avoid braining each other with guitars, mic stands and various other musical impedimenta .