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impedance / импеданс, полное сопротивление
имя существительное
полное сопротивление
имя существительное
the effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current, arising from the combined effects of ohmic resistance and reactance.
The constant impedance is maintained despite changes in temperature and voltage by using two external resistors to hold the impedances for all the I / O pins, which can number hundreds in the larger parts.
The technique is based on the principle that lean tissue has a higher electrical conductivity and a lower impedance rate than fat.
This greatly minimizes crosstalk among signals and helps to balance the effective impedance of each line at high frequencies.
This was because the coupling resistance value had inverse effects on the amount of current arriving and on the impedance of the neurite.
Electric impedance tomography is a new imaging technique that is potentially capable of monitoring those imbalances.
It may be expressed as IX, where X, the reactance, is the imaginary part of the impedance .
As the signal propagates down a path, the voltage magnitude is related to the effective impedance up to the point in the signal's flight.
The transponder alters the impedance of the tuned circuit in accordance with the coded pattern.
Electrical impedance spectroscopy is a method for studying the structure of organic and inorganic materials.
A high impedance probe for the spectrum analyzer is essential.
Note that impedance and reactance are both given in units of ‘ohms’ just like resistance.