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impecunious / безденежный, нуждающийся, бедный
имя прилагательное
penniless, impecunious, moneyless
in need, needy, indigent, wanting, necessitous, impecunious
poor, lean, penniless, meager, humble, impecunious
имя прилагательное
having little or no money.
a titled but impecunious family
The neighbour who gave me the tickets was an impecunious artist and I was sitting in the cheap seats, just out of range, even from ricochets.
Like many other impecunious Caribbean drifters at the time, Dampier slipped into a life of freebooting and buccaneering, hopping from ship to ship, raiding Spanish vessels and towns.
Well-born but impecunious younger brothers kidnap heiresses and roguishly attempt to persuade them into matrimony.
Superb presents can be had here - though not by the impecunious .
The family was very poor, an impecunious state somewhat worsened by the fact that while the other lads playing in the street would be called in for their tea at six, he and his younger brother would go into an empty house.
Anyone from any nation, no matter how affluent or impecunious they may be, can step on to our golden sands and enjoy the gifts of our national icons.
Students who come to apartments for ‘free talk’ may offer to escort a foreign teacher downtown on Saturdays to explore bargain shopping districts or taste inexpensive regional cuisine at restaurants known to impecunious students.
The stock market crash in the 1920s left him impecunious , however, and his attempt to make a mark as a painter came to little.
Unfortunately, impecunious students like me who went there in search of good bargains (like the fabulous ones they had last year) came away disappointed.
As an impecunious artist myself, I have indeed had to learn to live by my wits, and by whatever sparse and sporadic income I can glean from my paintings.