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impeach / обвинять, бросать тень, брать под сомнение
blame, accuse, indict, charge, prosecute, impeach
бросать тень
cast a shadow, overshadow, adumbrate, impeach, reflect on, reflect upon
брать под сомнение
осуществлять процесс импичмента
call into question the integrity or validity of (a practice).
there is no basis to Searle's motion to impeach the verdict
What happened to the 21 MPs who planned to impeach him?
And it would impeach any judge that violated the provisions of the bill.
Opposing attorneys invariably will attempt to impeach the credibility or competence of an expert witness.
Obviously, a Republican-controlled Congress is not about to impeach its own president.
This privatization of communal resources can impeach the integrity of scientific research.
there is no desire to impeach the privileges of the House of Commons
The most popular tactic is to impeach the credibility of the victim.
The following year parliament protested that he was exceeding his powers and 70 MPs voted to impeach him.
It is a tenet of impeachment law that we don't impeach judges for their decisions, but rather for conduct which makes them unfit to serve.
There was the prospect of drug tales (the defense was moving to get this chain of questions in) and gossip from the demimonde to impeach his credibility.