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impassioned / страстный, пылкий, охваченный страстью
имя прилагательное
passionate, impassioned, ardent, hot, sultry, passional
ardent, passionate, fervent, spunky, fiery, impassioned
охваченный страстью
имя прилагательное
filled with or showing great emotion.
she made an impassioned plea for help
make passionate.
her body had once pleased and impassioned him
It was impassioned and almost needy; I was too shocked to do anything but kiss back.
For those so inspired, it also offered a significant and impassioned political experience.
His poetry may take different forms; it can be impassioned or ironic.
During a career that spanned five decades, he created a new and impassioned form of abstract painting.
During one impassioned speech we were given a lingering shot of one of the delegates in the audience fast asleep.
But I divine far more complex forces than mere aesthetic preferences lurking behind this oddly impassioned schism.
No wonder she is still impassioned about a book she wrote more than a decade ago.
His losing bid for the presidency in the war election of 1864 would see much more impassioned rhetoric.
For the most part, he's very good too, his precise but impassioned delivery raising this far above what most people will have expected of it.
But it was not especially difficult, because the kids were impassioned .