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impassible / нечувствительный, бесстрастный, бесчувственный
имя прилагательное
insensitive, dead, insensible, impassible, non-sensitive, senseless
dispassionate, impassive, passionless, stolid, detached, impassible
unfeeling, insensible, senseless, insensate, tearless, impassible
имя прилагательное
incapable of suffering or feeling pain.
belief in an impassible God
And according to this He gave His body in an impassible and immortal condition to His disciples.
Further, if the suffering of God in Christ affected God's divine nature it would mean that it was someone other than the eternal impassible Creator who was experiencing human suffering.
On the other hand, the bodies of the saints will be impassible , because they will lack the capability of suffering; hence impassibility in them will be a gift, but not in children.
So God, being that than which nothing greater can be thought, is wholly active; he is impassible .
Aquinas accepted Aristotle's view that God cannot change and is impassible .
He defends impassibility as being uncontrolled by outside influences.
He defends the Christological formulation of Chalcedon, but criticizes it on the point of divine impassibility .
Thus the Alexandrian school of Christology could say, in the language of paradox, ‘he suffered impassibly ,’ and Gregory of Nazian-zus, long before Luther, could speak of ‘a God hanging on a cross.’
What cogent defence can be offered for the (entirely biblical) doctrine of God's impassibility , in the face of open theism and unorthodox views on the Trinity?
True enough, the language of impassibility is deeply embedded in patristic theology going back to Ignatius of Antioch.