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impasse / тупик
имя существительное
deadlock, impasse, dead end, stalemate, blind alley, puffin
имя существительное
a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement; a deadlock.
the current political impasse
the current political impasse
But the current impasse arose because of the unorthodox way in which the bankers covered their own backs.
The result is an impasse , which is normally the case when blind insularity meets common sense.
I have noted his appeal to doctors to desist from industrial action in their current impasse .
Accept that you have come to an impasse or that you agree to disagree, and bid a courteous adieu.
the current political impasse
There emerges an impotent impasse in which the actually organic aspect takes over.
Answers to these questions are key to the current impasse in the endless debate on the bill.
How was a player supposed to perform credibly under the current impasse ? he asked.
If that goes ahead, and the impasse continues, another election could occur, Murphy said.