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impart / передавать, придавать, сообщать
pass, transmit, transfer, send, convey, impart
attach, impart, lend, lay, infuse, allot
inform, report, communicate, tell, announce, impart
make (information) known; communicate.
teachers had a duty to impart strong morals to their students
Then you'll impart your newfound wisdom to local schoolchildren during nighttime field trips.
Thus, this new definition of airflow obstruction appears to impart useful prognostic information.
Further, it should have full control over the institutions which impart training.
its main use has been to impart a high surface gloss to finished articles
They also impart knowledge to people newly diagnosed with diabetes, walking with them in empathy.
teachers had a duty to impart strong morals to their students
A few Red Clover blossoms in a pot of any tea impart a nice honey flavor.
It is a gangster film with darkened images meant to impart an art-house quality.
shiitake mushrooms impart a wonderfully woody flavour to the salad
The banana leaves and warm earth impart a special flavor to the food.