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impanel / составлять список присяжных, включать в список присяжных
составлять список присяжных
impanel, panel, empanel
включать в список присяжных
empanel, impanel, panel
enlist or enroll (a jury).
He could have gone to the U.S. attorney and empaneled a grand jury.
The district attorney in neighboring Nassau County decided not to impanel a grand jury.
The U.S. attorney in the district can impanel a grand jury if they feel that there is evidence warranting a criminal investigation.
The judge came up with a novel solution, though he had his doubts about whether it was legal: Why not impanel two juries to decide the same trial?
That was - it was a recent discussion that I had with some officials who did say that a plan was in the works to impanel a grand jury.
One idea has been to impanel two juries - one that would not be death-qualified, to decide upon guilt or innocence, and a second death-qualified one to decide on the penalty following a guilty verdict.
I reckon that as a lawyer, it probably takes us about 30 minutes to impanel a jury.
As soon as criminal contempt charges or the empanelment of a new grand jury became real possibilities, she chose to do what she could have done before going to jail: reach out to get a verbal confirmation from him.
So there's nothing necessarily indicative about impaneling a grand jury that any indictment is going to result.
Recounts were mounted, grand juries were empanelled , and the FBI was called in.
It might command the sheriff to require a defendant to appear and show cause; to seize property unless a defendant justified the keeping of it; to empanel a jury; and so on.