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impalpable / неосязаемый, неощутимый, неуловимый
имя прилагательное
intangible, impalpable
imperceptible, insensible, impalpable, inappreciable, imponderable
elusive, subtle, intangible, evasive, imponderable, impalpable
имя прилагательное
unable to be felt by touch.
an impalpable ghost
For all the book's rigour it is its poetry - the play of charged imagery, the sense of something impalpable that outlasts analysis - that one most remembers.
Not that I would mind selling millions of books to people with impalpable senses of humor, but I've actually been reading his column to find out which clichés and bad jokes to avoid.
Hypothermia may render the carotid pulse impalpable , but it is important not to start chest compression without evidence of cardiac arrest.
It's not that they lacked a faith in the impalpable , but rather that the impalpable-love, for example-grew out of the material world and our imaginative associations with it.
What I meant by that, I think, was that something in the atmosphere of these places - indefinable, impalpable - clustered life into articulate and significant relationships.
Their music surely carries that similar impalpable layer of emotion.
About one-fourth of the tumors treated with the chosen dose became impalpable 10 days after but all of them showed recurrence within the next 2 weeks.
Bold choices are attenuated by combination with impalpable chiffon.
It became impalpable , and I said, ‘It's too late, she's gone.’
Some people claimed that spending all their money on extravagant luxuries was a way to contradict the invisible, nearly impalpable feeling, while others based their life on research and potions against aging.