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impale / прокалывать, пронзать, протыкать
puncture, pierce, impale, prick, spike, pink
pierce, spike, impale, transfix, pass through, stab
pierce, poke, poke through, impale, pink, prong
pierce or transfix with a sharp instrument.
his head was impaled on a pike and exhibited for all to see
display (a coat of arms) side by side with another on the same shield, separated by a vertical line.
the impaled arms of her husband and her father
She quickly punched the first one and jumped to the side as one tried to impale her with a spear.
In 1599 he applied to impale his arms with those of his wife's family.
Although imbibing nothing stronger than orange juice, he later tripped and was almost impaled on a halberd.
Aside from the spuds that were impaled on my spade after almost every thrust into the earth, these are on the menu for tonight along with roast butternut squash.
Why is it when someone in a horror film is impaled on something sharp, like a fence post, they always feel the need to look up momentarily, catching one final glance at the object that has killed them?
But at least she could remember now; she slipped on the smoother rock, but hadn't caught herself in enough time to keep from impalement .
But if you do not return in seven days, then your lord will be sentenced to impalement .
I'm going to be impaled on a million poisonous needles and die a slow, agonizing death.
What is equally clear, however, is that the arms as engraved are not impaling his wife's, nor do they include his baronial coronet or the Garter badge, both of which he had been entitled to since 1572.
Perhaps it's all for the best that I be impaled on his hood ornament.