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impairment / ухудшение, повреждение
имя существительное
deterioration, degradation, impairment, aggravation, decline, letdown
damage, injury, fault, lesion, failure, impairment
имя существительное
the state or fact of being impaired, especially in a specified faculty.
a degree of physical or mental impairment
Speech and language impairment can often fall into the same category.
Psychologically he appeared normal today and there was no evident impairment of memory or intellect.
Depression seems to be a concomitant symptom of cognitive impairment rather than an independent risk factor.
The developing debate about the genetic causes of disease and impairment is nothing compared to the rows that are in store.
Diagnosing hearing impairment in all infants before the age of six months is the aim of the study.
The patient clearly had marked impairment of cognitive and memory functions.
Keep this in mind, particularly if you're feeling any kind of dizziness or hearing impairment .
memory impairment
Here is where I feel the need to point out the difference between disability and impairment .
The effect was accompanied by memory impairment and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol.