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impair / ухудшать, ослаблять, уменьшать
deteriorate, worsen, impair, aggravate, make worse, deprave
loosen, weaken, relax, attenuate, reduce, impair
reduce, decrease, diminish, lower, lessen, impair
weaken or damage something (especially a human faculty or function).
drug use that impairs job performance
They were often hidden inside canvas tunnels where the air was so humid that sweat threatened to impair our vision.
Streaking and smearing impair vision and are caused by worn windshield wiper blades.
This explains his belief that the damage caused by apoplexy could impair function on both sides of the body.
a noisy job could permanently impair their hearing
Otherwise, it's your choice if you want to apply enough purple mascara to impair your vision.
Beaming the laser on small areas of your skin basically destroys the hair follicle and impairs its growth.
The servile attitude of the jury members to big names often impairs their judgement.
Driving in an intoxicated state makes a person prone to accidents as alcohol impairs judgement and slows reflexes.
That, in turn, impairs the digestive process, which provokes body odor all the more.
They said the referendum should not be used as a means to sustain the presidency as it impairs the development of democracy.