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impact / влияние, воздействие, удар
имя существительное
influence, impact, effect, power, sway, action
impact, effect, influence, action, pressure, reaction
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, kick
hit, smite, strike, bump, knock, impact
face, encounter, collide, clash, interfere, impact
strike, bump, knock, impinge, impact, bump into
имя существительное
the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.
there was the sound of a third impact
come into forcible contact with another object.
the shell impacted twenty yards away
have a strong effect on someone or something.
high interest rates have impacted on retail spending
So the potential environmental impact is markedly reduced by that.
We must continually evaluate the impact of each change on the product as a whole.
But the extra pounds around his waist took some of the impact from the blow and prevented more serious injury.
It is believed he died from multiple injuries caused by the impact of the collisions.
the bomb failed to explode on impact
No helmet could have prevented the head injuries received in an impact of this speed, not even an airbag.
The study demonstrated that pharmacists can have a significant positive impact on drug therapy outcomes in a selected disease state.
The immediate impact of his intervention was to sidetrack preventative campaigns.
Systems that directly impact our ability to accomplish our mission should be the first on our list.
The adverse effect immediately made an impact on the company's financial performance.