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immured / замуровывать, заточать, заделывать в кладку
immure, mure, wall up
immure, confine, mure
заделывать в кладку
enclose or confine (someone) against their will.
her brother was immured in a lunatic asylum
Well, yes, they go off and they find that these people have been immured in these caves until death.
We are, indeed, truly immured in our colonial past.
Also, the genre has become so immured in an Anglo-American nostalgia for a European past that it's refreshing to find a non-Eurocentric example of an alternate-world fantasy novel.
It makes no sense to ask whether a particular security system is effective or not - otherwise you'd all be wearing bulletproof vests and staying immured in your home.
‘I longed sadly for some gaiety’, she wrote to her uncle Leopold at 16, ‘but we have been for the last three months immured within our old palace.’
It struck me strange that my mother from whose loving hands I had partaken many a sumptuous meal had been immured in the kitchen confines all along.
The country house is immured in said country, with no real society for miles.
Being immured in prison has not left me with much to do.
The unfortunate animal is immured in a box that also contains a radioactive source with a 50-50 chance of decaying within the next hour.
Release from the nunnery can sometimes prove to be provisional, and now she has immured herself in another cloister.