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immure / замуровывать, заточать, заделывать в кладку
immure, mure, wall up
immure, confine, mure
заделывать в кладку
enclose or confine (someone) against their will.
her brother was immured in a lunatic asylum
The angry, obsessive, maddened father's reaction to this disaster is to immure her and her mother in their house, building more and more partition walls around them until finally they are imprisoned on a bed in a tiny space.
Its purpose was to immure the emperor, protecting him from the gaze of the common people, who were forbidden from entering.
It makes no sense to ask whether a particular security system is effective or not - otherwise you'd all be wearing bulletproof vests and staying immured in your home.
The unfortunate animal is immured in a box that also contains a radioactive source with a 50-50 chance of decaying within the next hour.
There were but two filo triangles, which made sharing among three a bit tricky, but the bay scallops immured within the flaky pastry were so big you could split one between two people and neither would feel too cheated.
The thought of immuring them in concrete, although an idea originated by the director, really appealed to me.
There was ‘not the slightest sign of his becoming immured in his own work, as happens to so many creative artists‘.
Erika, meanwhile, immures herself in the mansion.
We are, indeed, truly immured in our colonial past.
He's able to create and be creative without immuring himself in a kind of misery.